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Re: [T3] Pop outs again

<<<Others have reported that the square and notch popouts are VERY hard to reinstall once you put on new rubbers. There's probably a trick to this, but I've never had to do it. The plastic sleeves keep the "hinges" from rattling and keep them in alignment. I can make some cheap sleeves to replace them; they are not as good, but they are the only thing available. Unfortunately, they 
will make the window even harder to install.
Jim Adney>>>

This project is not right on the burner yet.  Hopefully soon.  I am working on some other ones.  One will be my daily driver and that has 1st priority now.  I can get them installed with much pain, but then they fall out(actually down, then they wont shut!).  If the sleeves make it harder then hopefully they would keep the window in the correct place.  How much for the sleeves?

<<<If you have new seals, they can be very hard to install.  My '67 [] with its cracked original seals slid right in.  My '63 [] pop outs with it's mint original seals were basically impossible. I thought I was going to
break the window several times.
Do you have the ability to post some photos?
Everett Barnes
Some Type 3s>>>

OK so hard is standard.  I think I will try the sleeves.  I have a digital camera.  So yes, but(the infamous BUT) The car is burried at the very back of my garage now and I can't get to it.  SOON!
Thanks for all the help and let me know about the sleeves.
Mike  '62 Notchback needing some TLC

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