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Re: [T3] '68 SQ w/ dual carbs questions

JimA=> I probably don't understand what you mean,
=> so please explain exactly what you are running.

I'm running an FI distributor with working vacuum advance connected to the
stock vac port on a pair of '66 Solexes tuned for my 1641, with larger jets
and later venturis. With these carbs the vac advance kicks in when the
throttles open and tapers off  as they close for cruising. This provides a
noticeable increase in torque on acceleration compared to the FI dist
without the vacuum. I know this from testing the same distributor with a
nonworking vac can on the same car, which produced somewhat better
acceleration than the 009, but still flat. (An added factor is that
high-country driving requires greater timing advance.) This distributor
produces a very nice curve for the carbs -- not perfect, I'm still looking
for that one, but very nice. I'm happy to give you that one might expect
different results, but I'm working with direct experience here rather than
theory. (Side note: This  summer I plan to finish testing my suspicion that
all-mechanical-advance distributors lead to higher engine temperatures. I'll
give you the numbers when they're in.)

I agree that his car should run without the vac advance, under whatever
conditions the questioner has, but I expect it will be sluggish, like an
009. I suspect that most Type 3 owners really don't expect much better than
sluggish, but they should.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 Grosse Karmann

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