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Re: [T3] '68 SQ w/ dual carbs questions

Martin wrote:
>The problem is that the engine runs sluggishly until about 2500-3000 R.P.M.  
>After that it pulls fine.  It's not that it bogs or has a flat spot.  It 
just doesn't 
>seem to have any torque. 

 Martin, it sounds like you've got too much advance,try backing off some of 
the timing (just a little).  You could also disconnect the vac hose and plug 
it and then set the timing at 28to30 degrees @ 3000rpm (timed like an 009)  
and see if this helps.

> I expect that the carbs themselves will need some 
>tuning but I thought I'd start with a basic tune up and set the valves and 
>to stock values.  Does that sound like a good starting point or will I need 
to use 
>a different distributor or ....?  I don't have any of the FI parts so I 
can't go 
>back at this point.
 You can't go wrong doing a basic tune up, as it gives you a good idea of 
what was done/wasn't done lately. It also gives you that good warm feeling 
that you can now eliminate that from the equation. 
 If the carbs are not popping or sneezing then they are pretty close now. I'm 
currently running Weber 34 ICTs and an 009 distributor on my Notch, and to 
some people that combination shouldn't work, but I've been using it for over 
4 years that way. What you need to get is a carb synchronizer (even if you 
had Solexs you'd still need it). I'll try to find the Weber site if you like 
and post it here for you, then you can get the info you need for them. I hope 
this helps.

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       69 Square AT-the baby suburban

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