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Re: [T3] Car wouldn't start question

On 10 Dec 2002 at 13:57, jim wrote:

> I have had this situation with my car twice.
> After I wash the car, it will start, run for a few moments (<40 seconds), but I cannot
> rev the engine and it eventually dies.  

There are so many possibilities that it's really hard to guess at a good one, 
but here's my guess:

Look at the fan housing at the rear of the engine. On the bottom of that 
housing there is a drain hole about 3/16" diameter that is right on the parting 
line of the 2 housing halves. Poke a rod up there and see if that hole is 
plugged. If it is, you may find water accumulating there, or somewhere else in 
the cooling air intake system. When this happens water gets drawn into the fan 
when you start the engine and sprayed all over the inside of the engine, 
including the spark plugs. This tends only to be a problem if the engine is 
cold, otherwise the water boils or evaporates quickly.

If the water stays around it can short out the spark plugs and make the engine 
run poorly, or not at all.

The solution is to find and clean out all the drains in the intake system AND 
to fit the special red silicone spark plug boots that became stock parts in 
about 71. Most of these were thrown away when clueless POs and mechanics threw 
out the excellent OE SP cables and replaced them with "really good stuff" of K-
Mart quality.
Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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