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Re: [T3] heater upgrade

> I never understood why VW didn't put fans in their vehicles.  I also never
> understood why the gas heater in my 73 Type II Safari was in the back.
> my passengers would sit back there with the heater.

The gas heater in the new (Bay-window or loaf shape) aircooled 1600 VW van
that my friend bought yesterday was mounted on the floor in the front under
the dash - should be better for defrosting the screen than the old heater!
These vans have FI engines with CAT, and although supplied LHD, the company
can convert  them to RHD.  The engines don't have heat exchangers at all -
they're made in Brazil and don't need them there.  They look very similar to
the old second generation body, but with a deeper roof section and extra
swageing on the front doors.

I can't seen them making Type 3s again though!  I guess the FI system might
be adapted for a Type 3, but the throttle body on this was mounted
vertically on the old carb-style manifold and the induction side would have
to be repositioned.  Anyway, there's nothing wrong with ours!

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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