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Re: [T3] '68 SQ w/ dual carbs questions

On 10 Dec 2002 at 15:11, garram1@swbell.net wrote:

> On 10 Dec 02, at 13:31, Steven Ayres wrote:
> > Assuming it's functioning correctly, the stock '68 FI distributor is a good
> > one. It does require vacuum to function correctly, however, which your Webers
> > are probably not supplying. This will definitely make a difference in low-end
> > torque. 
> There is a line from the vacuum can on the distributor to the base of the right
> hand carb.  Is there an easy way to tell if the vacuum can is working?

Disconnect the carb end and suck on that hose while you watch the dist breaker 
plate. It should rotate and stay rotated when you suck on the hose. You should 
not feel that you have to keep sucking to keep a vacuum in there.

The breaker plate should snap back quickly as soon as you let air back in.

With the engine running there should be no vacuum at that carb port at idle. If 
there is, then this port is not suitable for this dist. You're better off just 
plugging that port and sticking to the mech adv alone. Look around, there MAY 
be a more suitable port, but I doubt it.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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