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[T3] Car wouldn't start question

I have had this situation with my car twice.

After I wash the car, it will start, run for a few moments (<40 seconds), but I cannot
rev the engine and it eventually dies.  

I have two questions.

1.  I was able to start the car this morning and keep it running (after several failed
attempts) by turning the car over with the pedal all the way down.  Did having the
throttle fully open have anything to do with it?  The car drove fine once I got it
running, but I pulled over, parked it safely, and found alternate transportation to work

2.  The rear seal on my SQBK is bad and I have to be very careful not to get water in the
storage/hatch area when washing it.  I assume I am got something wet both times and that
excess water it causing a glitch.  I never have a problem with the car when it rains, but
we don't get horrible deluges that often in Chicago.  

What might I be getting wet?  The engine itself (dis. cap, generator, coil, etc.) is
completely dry.  

I thought I was being a good squareback owner and washing my car after some winter
snowfall (and street salting), but it backfired.  Such is life.

Thanks, Jim 

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