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Re: [T3] heater upgrade

> Well, truth be told, I did live in NY... A cold day I
> would consider in the single digits to teens (not

	O.k., that qualifies as cold in my book.  Where I live now, most
years there are *no* nights that reach freezing or colder.  When people in
this sort of climate talk about VW heaters being great, well, ten degrees
above freezing isn't a very challenging environment for a heater.  (In
fact, a sweater will do very nicely, thank-you-very-much.)

	One thing about driving a VW around in the kind of temperatures
you describe, in my exerience -- highway driving really is the best thing
if you actually want to warm up.  Puttering around town at 5F, it's gonna
be a very long time before you break a sweat.

	Another terrible side effect of bad heater channels and a beat up
car, is that if water is getting in where it shouldn't, the heaters can
blow wet air all around, which can fog/ice the inside of your windows;
tends to make things worse rather than better.  I spent many mornings
scraping ice off my windshield... the *inside* of my windshield, that is,
as I drove down the road...


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