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Re: [T3] heater upgrade

Well, truth be told, I did live in NY... A cold day I
would consider in the single digits to teens (not
including wind chill, which even though it's not
supposed to make a difference, sure felt like it did
when trying the first couple shifts)...

I did take the occasional trip up to NH to see my
parents. I'd imagine the coldest I experienced with my
bug was maybe ten below... I forget that some on this
list are in the Great White North or in other (colder)
parts of the world?

OK, so maybe I don't know what cold is!! I admit it!!!

And wow... As a born-and-raised New Englander I never
imagined I could ever let NY get to me so much that I
would succumb to the notion that I live at the center
of the universe! Yipes... I am humbled!


--- Greg Merritt <gregm@vwtype3.org> wrote:
> > cars? My old beetle could blow you out of the car
> it
> > had so much heat. I never understood how people
> would

> Aaron,
> 	What did you consider to be "cold" temperatures
> where you lived
> with your Beetle?  Be honest. ;) :)  This could be
> explain some of the
> difference.

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