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Re: [T3] heater upgrade

<x-flowed>>From: Greg Merritt
	Out of curiosity, how well did that work?  Was it recirculating,
or just adding to the regular flow?

they worked very well, the kit is still being sold, i saw it in a mag last month i think. it is for the type I, but since you remove the y pipe under the seat and alum. tape in the cylinder fan, i'm sure it can be used in a type III. the kit is up to $119, but i just thought it was steep for what you get. maybe not since ther seems to be no better (cheap) solution. i'll see if i can find the ad tonight. i think is was by bob's bug's or something cheesy like that.

	The most ideal way to get lots of heat is with a gas heater...
which seem to range in asking price from like $30 for a box of parts to
$500+ for a nicely refurbished, complete heater.

i was hoping to pay around the 30 range for a booster system, i am not opposed to doing it myself, as opposed to a kit w/ instructions.

	Note that if you've got rusty heater channels, it's an uphill
battle as you can blow the stock heater air right out of the car...

not much rust on my fasty! thanks

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