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Re: [T3] torque converter

Thanks, a lot of help.  I should replace it with a TC from a later version,
what year, any after 69?  I don't have the TC with me @ work, but I could
count them tonight.

Yes the burs where quite pronounced, running my gloved finger along the
surface ripped my glove.  I can't see how it had worn like this, but now I
need to find a TC...any suggestions anyone?  I live in Washington State.

Man, if the rear engine seal wasn't leaking...this thing is eating the oil.
I guess I am in for a rebuild.


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On 9 Dec 2002 at 7:02, Vlach, Joe -CKHS wrote:

> Okay, I tried to tackle an oil leak...thought it was the rear seal.  As I
> pulled the engine and tried to hold the torque converter in place and hold
> my mouth right something went wrong.  The torque converter came out.  My
> questions are, I am not sure how much oil the converter holds? It now
> appears the seal between the tranny and the torque converter may have been
> leaking, thus explaining the large amount of oil on the underside of the
> car.  I replaced the rear seal, but I am waiting to find a (pinion?) seal.
> Does anyone know where I should look for this tranny seal?  Also, one more
> question, the torque converter looks as though it has burrs on the surface
> where the converter would sit against the seal.  Should I replace the
> converter?

See your VW dealer for a new seal. The TC sealing surface will have to be 
almost perfect to work against the seal; a burr in the sealing area will eat
the seal right away. It might be possible to insert the seal more or less 
deeply to put it in a clean part of the sealing surface. I would try to
it with oil and 600 grit sandpaper, but be careful to clean off all the 
abrasive before you put it back.

Was this a 69? If so, there were early TCs which should be replaced anyway.
many cooling fins are there around the edge? The later ones have more. I can

get the number tonight.

As for the amount of ATF in there, don't worry about it now, just top up the

ATF once everything is all back together. The TC will fill from the AT.
Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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