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Re: [T3] Pop outs again

> OK  I got messed up in the digest deal.  Did I miss a post concerning
> if there were 2 types of pop outs used.  I have a '62 notch  and the
> windows I have are either wrong or I have missed the boat on this one.

<<<Jim Adney, said
Not sure what you mean, but there are 3 types of popouts: fasty, square, and 
notch. Within each of those there were at least 2 different styles of latches: 
chrome or ivory knobs.>>>

Ok,  Sorry that was vague.  Early notch.  Could I have the wrong windows.  They
will not work.  I am very mechanical and the only conclusion is there must be
diferent ones?  The windows I have had new glass rubber and seal rubber put on
them.  I believe there was a plastic sort of sleeve over the hinges at one time
but that is gone.  Is it important?  You are all wondering,  If they were in the
car then why is he asking if the are right?  I traded the car.  It had all the
glass and interior in the car,but removed.  Now I am stumped?  Everything fit,
but the pop-outs.
I won't labor the point much more, Mike

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