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Re: [T3] busy busy busy(very long sorry)

On 8 Dec 2002 at 11:06, alex sundberg wrote:

>  i decided to look and see whats up with her heater. About 2 hrs later
> i had functioning heaters on both sides.(hurray!!)minus the fresh air
> hose. are they on both sides of the car? i only have 1 factory elbow
> (left)the right one i made from aluminum flex hose hose clamps and gum. 

Interesting. There was SOMEONE working on the right side of the assembly line 
in 71 that was failing to install the little screw that holds that elbow on top 
of the heater mixer box. You can't imagine how many of those have fallen off an 
gotten lost. Always 71, always the right side. BTW, that elbow was responsible 
for a rattle in my 71 that had me baffled for YEARS. That was a great day when 
I discovered it still there, but loose, and fixed it with a simple screw.

> So  yesterday i took the new one and wired it up and turned the switch
> only to find the bearings in the motor were dry... soooo i took the
> motor out of the fan housing.took the fan off the motor and oiled the
> bearings slapped it all back together and proceeded to install the
> contraption under the dash. What a hassle that was. 

Yes, this is quite a job and most of them need to have it done.

> I also pulled the seats off thier rails to grease the sliders.. does
> anyone know if the seat sliders(the  plastic ones)are still available
> for a "71 square? All 4 are in dire need of replacement.  

I have a few NOS slide rails. They have not been available for at least 15 
years. They are not cheap.
Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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