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[T3] busy busy busy(very long sorry)

ahhh winter is finally here in ca. Last week while
taking my daughters car to work(no heater...34
degrees) i decided to look and see whats up with her
heater. About 2 hrs later i had functioning heaters on
both sides.(hurray!!)minus the fresh air hose. are
they on both sides of the car? i only have 1 factory
elbow (left)the right one i made from aluminum flex
hose hose clamps and gum. (well maybe not gum but i
thought about it...lol)
Next project was the fresh air fan. hers had a broken
switch when she got the car so at the last bug-o-rama
i got the whole fresh air box all the tubing
(including the defroster tubing and vents) and a
switch for $5.00.  as soon as i got home i put the
switch in but still didnt work. So  yesterday i 
took the new one and wired it up and turned the switch
only to find the bearings in the motor were dry...
soooo i took the motor out of the fan housing.took the
fan off the motor and oiled the bearings slapped it
all back together and proceeded to install the
contraption under the dash. What a hassle that was. 
good thing i have a 14 year old son to hold the dumb
thing up while i got the bolts fastened. Well "eki"
now has working heaters and fresh air fan to help
defrost her in the mornings..I also pulled the seats
off thier rails to grease the sliders.. does anyone
know if the seat sliders(the  plastic ones)are still
available for a "71 square? All 4 are in dire need of
replacement.   Sorry this is so long  and rambling.

alex sundberg
father of a '71 square owner  "eki"

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