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Re: [T3] Fresh Air Hose--1965 Notch (black cars)

On 7 Dec 2002 at 9:29, Scott Taylor wrote:

> A light push on an open door and it closes effortlessly with
> just a slight -click-, like new.

When my 68 was brand new, the doors were HARD to close. The problem 
was NOT the hinges or the door check strap, it was just the door 
gaskets. They were quite tight and in retrospect this was exactly 
what they needed to be. It took a few years for the gaskets to 
conform to their confines and get easier to close; until then it took 
a concerted effort to get them fully latched. If one was distracted, 
they would go in to the first click only and they would latch, but 
still clearly be out a bit at the rear, maybe 1/4".

This was annoying, especially when I had set the door to lock, 
because that meant unlocking it with the key and trying again. 
Eventually I learned to hit it with a "hip check" and knock it in the 
rest of the way.

I had forgotten ALL about this until I read the comment above, but 
now I remember that I even asked the dealer if there was anything 
they could do. They adjusted the door latches a bit, but that really 
didn't help. I tried silicone spray on the rubber and that helped a 
bit, too, but only time made a real difference.
Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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