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Re: [T3] New Squareback. New Subscriber.

 Jeremy wrote:
>Cool. After further inspection, I think the primer that exists HAS been 
sanded but
>there is a pretty large area on the side that did not get primer at all. 
Does it matter >what type of primer? As far as sanding, what type of grain 
should be used?

 Well it depends on what kind of primer was put on it, as some primers will 
eat into others and cause them to lift (laquer will eat into enamel and some 
epoxies), and others are more weather resistant (epoxy based), also some are 
sandable and others are not. You probably should ask the guy you got it from 
what he used so you know what you can use over it. Once I found out what was 
on it, then I could decide what grit paper to use as you may want to sand it 
back off and use something better (epoxy based works very well for me in the 
salt belt) and then use a system thats compatible with the top coats. What I 
do is start with a primer sealer(epoxy based etching type like DP40) then 
move to a primer surfacer(K-36), then use a reduced version of the DP40 to 
final seal then move to Deltron base coat( color of my choice) then a clear 
coat, these are all from PPG industries and are a system, meaning they will 
work together and are compatible.

>I REALLY appreciate you taking time out to help a guy just starting his 
first VW >adventure!

 Hey don't worry about it, we ALL have to start somewhere, and this list WILL 
help you more than you'll ever know. I hope this helps.

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       69 Squareback-AT

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