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Re: [T3] Everett...question

On Thu, 2002-12-05 at 22:45, Everett Barnes wrote:
> > Can you take a photo of the back side of the accelerator pedal ?
> > I am trying to figure out how the throttle cable connects to the pedal ?
> > The cable has a loop on the end , not the familiar "dog-leg" 
> >
> What Russ said...
> Here are some photographs:
> http://thesamba.com/vw/archives/info/1963t3/pedal_accelerator_cable.jpg
> http://thesamba.com/vw/archives/info/1963t3/accelerator_pedal.jpg
> http://thesamba.com/vw/archives/info/1963t3/accelerator_pedal_spring.jpg
> http://thesamba.com/vw/archives/info/1963t3/accelerator_pedal_spring2.jpg
It shows in the first picture, but not the others. There is a washer on
the 90 end of the rod. It definately goes between the rod and the pedal,
and not between the spring and the pedal. Without that washer, after a
little wear, the pedal can hang up.

BTW, I think Santa needs to bring Everette a shop vacuum to clean behind
the peddles. :=)

Russ Wolfe
'66 FB MT (It drove)
'71 FB AT 
'65 Bug (not running)

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