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Re: [T3] Fresh Air Hose--1965 Notch

When rebuilding my '64, I had several boxes of parts from the donor '69
mixed in with the '64 parts. In these boxes of parts were the original black
pressed paper sort of thing from the '64, and the black plastic one out of
the '69. With just a very minor trim I installed the plastic one into my '64
using the original screws from the '69 (that the po had taped to the part)
and original holes of the '64.
 I also used the later plastic ducts to replace the destroyed paper ducts of
the '64. And these fit between the early nosed car without any modification.
Is it now "Original"? I don't care, it works great! Besides, I didn't
"restore" my notch, I feel I improved many little items with later better
designed parts.

Ohhhhh, the Darkness of it all.

btw, you may be able to see my notch in the Feb. '03 issue of VW Trends.

  '64 Notch, 2.7L, EFI, etc.
  '69 Bug 2.1L Berg 5, EFI, etc.
    (soon to have a '51 body)
  '68 Ghia, 12.28 @ 106
  '78 Cabriolet, custody while sis is gone
   Tom's Old VW Home

----- Original Message ----- > In 1965 that would have been a gray molded
cardboard thing. Most of them
> have probably disintegrated by now, or were never replaced after being
> removed for hose clearing.

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