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Re: [T3] New Squareback. New Subscriber.

JeremyB=> Is adjusting the timing and mixture
=> explained in the idiot's guide.

Yes, but you don't want to use it, it's very weak.

Steven's Rap on Dual Carbs: If you're very lucky your carbs came to you in
something like good tune, you haven't messed with them, and all you have to
do is note the settings carefully, study up on the principles involved, and
tweak a little here and there to get them tuned right. Dream on. I don't
want to give you the idea that tuning carbs is not a job for mortals, but to
get them *right*, the best thing you can do is find the oldest and sharpest
Porsche guy you can find, pay him for a couple of hours work to bring them
into tune, and watch carefully and ask questions while he's doing it. The
performance difference between close and right on with these carbs is very
clear. Vanishingly few VW guys have the right experience.

Another factor that can be absolutely maddening is haphazard replacement and
substitution of parts. To run right, dual carbs have to match exactly in all
respects but for a small jet change to favor #3.

=> Do you mean maybe it was the wrong type
=> of starter?

Possibly. Might also be a wrong starter bushing, wrong flywheel, or a
messed-up starter mount. But I'd probably bet on a weak solenoid or a poor
electrical connection. Replace only with genuine Bosch, remans are OK.

=> (the primer) seems course.

This may only indicate that the primer hasn't yet been sanded, which is
correct practice if you can't apply final coats right away. The only way to
tell if you've got rust starting under the primer is to peel it and look.

=> Will stripping and re-applying be difficult?

Not anything like as hard as stripping a complete paint job, but a PIA all
the same.

=> I thought that with all the work that still needs to
=> be done I might run the risk of damaging the paint

Bear in mind that paint-first is also how all makers did it, and they had
repair shops at the end of the assemby lines.

It's good practice on the list to trim your quotes to bare minimum, by the
way -- that makes the archives lighter and more easily searched.

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