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Re: [T3] New Squareback. New Subscriber.

JeremyB=> runs good but runs a little rich?

Welcome to the list. We'll first need to know whether this car is carbed or
injected. You'll probably want to adjust the timing and (if carbed) mixture
for high altitude, but be warned it will probably run a little rich anyway,
and that's OK.

=> I was told the starter may have been
=> too loose

Did it seem loose when you pulled it out? There are a couple of ways this
can happen, I think all involving improper installation or wrong parts.

=> Just primer.

In case you didn't know, most primers are not watertight, so you'll want to
keep it out of the wet. If it's been in promer for a long time and you want
your new finish to last, you'll want to strip it, repair the new rust you
can't see, and reprime.

=> I have all the windows but they need installed. What
=> equipment and/or parts do I need to to accomplish this
=> task?

Paint first. You need it and you might as well get it done before you start
putting things together.

=> Any places I should know about
=> to get parts and/or service?

Rocky Mountain Motorworks in Woodland Park (800-258-1996) and West Coast
Metric in Harbor City CA (800-247-3202; www.westcoastmetric.com) are primary
suppliers of repro parts and rubber, although their Type 3 catalogs are
sketchy. Ask the list first.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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