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[T3] New Squareback. New Subscriber.

Hello All!

I am the new proud owner of a 1969 Squareback 1600. I
bought this car as a restoration project for my
girlfriend and me as we both share a love for classic
VWs. We both, however, are new to the world of
Volkswagen mechanics and hope to be picking the brains
of all you pros out there!
I'll give a little info on the car first. The engine
was rebuilt by it's previous runner and runs good but
runs a little rich? Could use some clarification on
this. Two days into ownership the starter quit on me
and after pulling it out I noticed the teeth were
severely chewed. I was told the starter my have been
too loose and when I asked about the fly-wheel I was
told it was possible it would also be chewed up but
not likely as it's made of very durable metal. What do
you think?
Anyroad, those are my immediate mechanical issues.
More about the car? Ok. The body has no paint. Just
primer. No dents, scratches, or rust. The interior has
been stripped to the metal and needs replaced. I do,
however, have both front and back seats. The electric
seems to be working fine, but the locking mechanism on
the glove box came out with the box still locked and I
want to get under the hood to look at the fuses. How
do I get the box unlocked without tearing it up too
I have all the windows but they need installed. What
equipment and/or parts do I need to to accomplish this
My immediate goal for the car is to get it into good
driving shape (windows, engine running well, brakes,
etc...) and then get it looking good inside and out.
We would REALLY appreciate any help with our new baby!
Also, if this is not how it's done, someone write back
and say, "hey buddy! One question at a time!".
Anyone live in Denver? Any places I should know about
to get parts and/or service?
Thank you!

Long days and pleasant nights,

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