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Re: [T3] Fresh Air Hose--1965 Notch

On 5 Dec 2002 at 8:47, Everett Barnes wrote:

> As far as I know, the radio pictured was installed at the time of purchase.
>  At some point, I will remove the radio for repair and I will post the codes and
> numbers here to check the date of manufacture.

As I look more closely at this picture, I see that this radio is quite tall 
(top to bottom) at the rear. It is at least 50% taller than the ones I'm used 
to. This leads me to believe that it is as old as you say, and may well have 
miniature tubes in it. The shroud has a downward step in its bottom, as do 
mine, but my radios don't need it. I'll bet your radio steps down there and 
needs the extra room. It is probably smaller just inside the faceplate where 
room would be more scarce for installation in most cars.  

There was a white paper label on the later ones, on the upper right side, right 
near the front. It may JUST be out of view in your photo, but you might be able 
to see it or read it with a small mirror. It would have the model name and a 
serial # on it. The useful part of the serial # is the single letter prefix, 
which they advanced one letter per year. I think they were up to about Z for 
69, so you can date yours from that letter.  

I have a 2-piece 3-band W- unit which must be from a 66 and a single piece 3-
band Y- unit that I bought new in march of 68. I suspect that their model years 
changed at the same time that the cars did.  

> If anyone has a grey drain hose cover that is already cut for a radio,
> I would love to buy it.  I hate to cut a nice one. 

I have nice late black plastic ones. They go nicely with the black shroud 
around the Blaupunkt. I know they were used from 68 to 70, possibly in 67.  

I noticed a couple other interesting things in your photo. All the footrest 
plates I've ever seen have been black, but your early ones are grey.  

Your firewall is black, while all the ones I've ever seen are body colored. Is 
this a black car? That was a pretty rare color in the later years, but much 
more common in the early ones.  
Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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