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Re: [T3] Fresh Air Hose--1965 Notch

>> Huge photo:
>> http://thesamba.com/vw/archives/info/1963t3/defrost_hose.jpg
>Thanks, nice photo. Is that the feed to the center defrost vent? If so,
is it the ONLY feed? I have always assumed from the parts views that this
worked by pressurizing the whole center tunnel. Is that correct, or was
there a separate pipe in the tunnel that carried this air?
Yes, it is the only feed.  Yes, there is a pipe in the center tunnel.

On a side note, the rubber line you see there is not stock, it is the fuel
line from the engine to the gas heater.

>BTW, nice Blaupunkt, even if it is just AM.

>I note that it is too late for this car, however. In those days the Blaupunkts
had a separate power amp which hung under the main tuner section....
As you mentioned, I think this is only for the AM/FM/SW models.  One example
that comes to mind is the "Wolfsburg" model.

As far as I know, the radio pictured was installed at the time of purchase.
 At some point, I will remove the radio for repair and I will post the codes
and numbers here to check the date of manufacture.

If anyone has a grey drain hose cover that is already cut for a radio, I
would love to buy it.  I hate to cut a nice one.

Everett Barnes
'63 Squareback

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