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Re: [T3] Fresh Air Hose--1965 Notch

On 5 Dec 2002 at 6:20, Everett Barnes wrote:

> > Very early cars had a hose that came up from the tunnel to something
> there, but I've never actually seen one of those.
> >
> Huge photo:
> http://thesamba.com/vw/archives/info/1963t3/defrost_hose.jpg

Thanks, nice photo. Is that the feed to the center defrost vent? If so, is it 
the ONLY feed? I have always assumed from the parts views that this worked by 
pressurizing the whole center tunnel. Is that correct, or was there a separate 
pipe in the tunnel that carried this air?

BTW, nice Blaupunkt, even if it is just AM. I note that it is too late for this 
car, however. In those days the Blaupunkts had a separate power amp which hung 
under the main tuner section. Very early ones had tubes in the power amp, while 
later ones, up to about 66 had a solid state power amp. Of course this was 
about 2 RMS Watts of output, or 150 Watts of Peak Dynamic Music Power!  ;-)

On second thought, it was the early AM/FM/SWs that were in 2 parts, but I 
suppose it's possible that they fit the whole AM radio into a single unit.
Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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