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Re: [T3] [T2] From east to west , and back

On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Tom Tarka wrote:

<regarding US50 across Nevada>
> One tip:  If you're like me and sometimes like to hit some dirt roads in
> your bus,
> make sure you're on dirt.  I hit a 200 or 300 yard stretch of loam/clay
> that had
> just been dug up the year before so they could lay fiber.  4 hours
> later, I was
> finally towed out (I had to have fun and try to get myself out first!)
> So, yes, those
> dirt roads paralleling US 50 look fun, but watch yourself...

In the dry, dirt roads in Nevada are usually either concrete-hard or
covered in flour-like dust.  Either is doable by a bus.  Make sure your
engine seals are good or you will have a dust-choked engine bay.  Some
savvy dust operators run a hose from the air cleaner intake up to the
intake scoop to make sure that cleaner air gets to the engine.

Add a bit of rain (it doesn't take much) and the surface turns into a
grease-like substance that is extremely slippary.  Add a bit more and you
get a quagmire.  In short, don't venture off the pavement in Nevada if it
has rained in the last week. You won't get far, and the locals will curse
you for months every time they bump over the hardened evidence of your

Gravel roads can be murder on tires.  If you check vehicles of the locals
you will find at least two spare tires in each.  Follow their example!

George Lyle

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