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Re: [T3] [T2] From east to west , and back

On Sunday, December 1, 2002, at 07:42  PM, George Lyle wrote:

On Sat, 30 Nov 2002, Bryan Mitchell wrote:

Hello all,
I am starting to plan a trip for next summer to do a 2nd honeymoon. We want
to drive from Charlotte NC to SO Cal, and back. Anyone have ideas for routes
and things to see on the way??
Should I go low through the Desert or high through the Plains?

In summer, I'd stay north or at high altitude. I try do do that, but sometimes the hot weather follows me. Who would expect 105F in Buffalo, Montana?

If you're heading for SoCal, perhaps a Route 66 trip might be fun.  The
highway doesn't exist any more, but it is fun to seek out the remnants.
If you want a more northerly route, US50 is less known, but virtually
intact and provides a "blue highways" trip over most of the route you're
interested in.

I would have to concur that US 50 is well worthwhile and very beautiful. In fact,
if you're into Mountain Biking and hiking and such, you there's plenty to do
on route, especially in the Austin, NV area.

One tip: If you're like me and sometimes like to hit some dirt roads in your bus,
make sure you're on dirt. I hit a 200 or 300 yard stretch of loam/clay that had
just been dug up the year before so they could lay fiber. 4 hours later, I was
finally towed out (I had to have fun and try to get myself out first!) So, yes, those
dirt roads paralleling US 50 look fun, but watch yourself...

For the interested, I *was* loaded down and probably at max load, which, given
the depths of mud and muck that I've plumbed before, was more of the problem
than anything else.


Other neat places to visit: Telluride, CO, Mesa Verde, CO, Santa Fe, NM, all the wonderful
Nat'l Parks in Utah...

What are your planned activities and how much time do you have?

	-71 bus
	-been all around this world

Tommy Tarka | http://burri.to/~tommy/
tommy@slackers.net | http://www.roadtrip.net/
"You realists can stay the hell out of our office" - Dave Dudas

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