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Re: [T3] keith, don't look... (solid rocker shafts)

OK -
You guys have me lost here , are you saying that the spacer on the shaft
between the 2 intake valves is loose? Or Floats ?

What brand of Shaft is this ? This doesn't sound good at all

I have a set of Autocraft solid rocker shafts and the entire thing is cast
as one part, the divider is solid and doesn't move. You would add a few
needed spacers to it then the rocker and so one. I can see if this section
did move as a problem but if it is solid then it poses no problems.

I haven't had any issues with the valve train at all. 
Sorry i just am trying to clear this up..


"This is indeed a problem with the solid rockers. Nobody seems to be aware
or concerned about it but when I called berg they said that it "Just needed
to be reshimmed" I really dont know how much of a problem this is but Im
here again expecting 100K trouble free miles and.... Im losing my warm and
fuzzy!" Keith 

: > > > The set screw for the center spacer isnt into a counter sunk hole so
the > > spacer gets pushed to one side making for too much side clearance on
one end > > and not enough on the other. > > I have never dealt with these,
but I always just assumed that the center spacer > just floated there, and
didn't need to be held in place. Now that you mention > it I can see that
this would leave one rocker with a double load on one side. > > I think that
even with a dimple in the shaft, it would be hard to keep this > spacer in
place and tight. It would probably need to be a very close fit on the >
shaft, or it would work its way loose eventually. > -- >
******************************* > Jim Adney,  > Madison, Wisconsin, USA >

Martin Magnia

DDB Portland OR

69 fasty w/a ragtop and a 2 liter
63 notch bone stock....

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