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Re: [T3] Getting a pressure sensor?

On 3 Dec 2002 at 15:08, Wade Shen wrote:

> Yes, I did the timing and tests as per Bentley a couple of months ago.
> I can't remember what the settings were (5 degrees btdc?), but I used
> the numbers in their and remember having to remove the vacuum advance
> and retard hoses and reseting the idle speed to do it.  The distributor
> does have both advance and retard.

The important thing to verify here is that your timing advances in a quick step 
about 10 degrees as soon as you open the throttle. If it doesn't, the vacuum 
retard is not working/releasing correctly.

> >The loping idle usually means that the idle speed is set too high, but
> I'm not sure that I'm intrepreting your symptoms correctly.
> Yeah, Greg mentioned this as well.  Unfortunately the idle varies quite
> a bit even while I'm adjusting it.  It currently idles as close to 850
> as I can get it (on average, though it's really more like 850 +/-
> 100-150).  The last time I did this, I notice that when open the
> throttle slightly, the engine speed will drop by as much as 150 rpm
> before starting to rise.  This lead me to believe that the throttle
> position switch was misadjusted, but readjusting this made no difference
> (using the "click" plus one tick method, ala Bentley).

The "click" plus one tick method is ONLY for the 68-9 TPS. There is NO click 
with the 70-3 TPSs. You have to use an ohmmeter to set these. See the manual to 
pick the right 2 pins; you're looking for the idle contacts.

> > I could put together a "test package" for you with some used 72 
> parts. I'd be willing to buy them back from you if they didn't help.
> You would have to pay shipping. 

> That sounds good.  I'm going to check a couple of other things (mainly
> opening up the TPS and seeing that the contacts are ok), but if they
> don't pan out, I think that may be the best option to try to debug this
> problem.

Careful with the TPS contacts. There are some fine gold wires in there that can 
get broken off.
Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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