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Re: [T3] Getting a pressure sensor?

>For a 72 there are rather special timing instructions. The ONLY manual
>gets this right is the Bentley. Do you have a Bentley and have you been

>timing it the correct way? Do you have the 72 distributor with the
>advance AND retard?

>The Bentley manual also has some tests in there with the 72 timing 
>instructions to make sure that all the bits are working correctly
>Does you engine pass all these tests?

Yes, I did the timing and tests as per Bentley a couple of months ago.
I can't remember what the settings were (5 degrees btdc?), but I used
the numbers in their and remember having to remove the vacuum advance
and retard hoses and reseting the idle speed to do it.  The distributor
does have both advance and retard.

>Have you verified that your PS, and both sides of the distributor
vacuum can 
>hold a good vacuum when you suck on them?

Both of these seem fine.   I used a hand vacuum pump and both held

>The loping idle usually means that the idle speed is set too high, but
I'm not 
>sure that I'm intrepreting your symptoms correctly.

Yeah, Greg mentioned this as well.  Unfortunately the idle varies quite
a bit even while I'm adjusting it.  It currently idles as close to 850
as I can get it (on average, though it's really more like 850 +/-
100-150).  The last time I did this, I notice that when open the
throttle slightly, the engine speed will drop by as much as 150 rpm
before starting to rise.  This lead me to believe that the throttle
position switch was misadjusted, but readjusting this made no difference
(using the "click" plus one tick method, ala Bentley).

>Testing of the PS and brain is probably only possible by substitution
>known good units, which is also a bit of a problem (the KNOWN good
part.) I 
>don't know of anyone who has "specs" for either of these.

>I could put together a "test package" for you with some used 72 parts.
I'd be 
>willing to buy them back from you if they didn't help. You would have
to pay 

That sounds good.  I'm going to check a couple of other things (mainly
opening up the TPS and seeing that the contacts are ok), but if they
don't pan out, I think that may be the best option to try to debug this


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