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Re: [T3] Getting a pressure sensor?

On 3 Dec 2002, at 13:01, Wade Shen wrote:

> I've had my fastback for about 9 months now and it's had a perpetual
> loopy idle/hesitation problem.  Other this time period, I've done a full
> tune up (including replacement of points, wires, plugs, etc. and timing
> and valve setting), replaced the voltage regulator and battery (which
> was dying), tested the throttle vavle switch, checked and re-adjusted
> aux air regulator, the distributor advance mechanism(s), and I've
> replaced two leaking injectors (that were causing the engine to flood).
> I've checked all the sensors, the wiring harness, the FI triggers and
> the cold start valve.  I've also checked for vacuum leaks, but there
> aren't any obvious ones and done a compression check (which show even
> and reasonably high ~125#).

For a 72 there are rather special timing instructions. The ONLY manual that 
gets this right is the Bentley. Do you have a Bentley and have you been 
timing it the correct way? Do you have the 72 distributor with the vacuum 
advance AND retard?

The Bentley manual also has some tests in there with the 72 timing 
instructions to make sure that all the bits are working correctly together. 
Does you engine pass all these tests?

Have you verified that your PS, and both sides of the distributor vacuum can 
hold a good vacuum when you suck on them?

> Through all of this, the hesitation/loopy idle problem has remained.
> Unfortunately, I'm running out of options for possible causes.  I think
> at this point, through shear elimination, only the PS, the computer, and
> possibly the distributor are left.  I was hoping to be able to get a
> hold of one locally, replace it, and then test the results.  If it
> didn't solve the problem I could return it.  However, I can't seem to
> find one these parts locally (unless somebody knows otherwise).  If its
> not possible to test by replacement, I guess I'll have find specs for
> the PS and test my PS in depth?

The loping idle usually means that the idle speed is set too high, but I'm not 
sure that I'm intrepreting your symptoms correctly.

Testing of the PS and brain is probably only possible by substitution of 
known good units, which is also a bit of a problem (the KNOWN good part.) I 
don't know of anyone who has "specs" for either of these.

I could put together a "test package" for you with some used 72 parts. I'd be 
willing to buy them back from you if they didn't help. You would have to pay 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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