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[T3] Saturday gathering at Griffith park

We met at Griffith park Yesterday and about half the members got
together than the last time
no pictures were taken for this one but I have some for the first meet
that I will post
in the near future. The folks that gathered were the following:

- Raul Herrera                              Orange 72 Squareback
- Cliff                                     1974 Squareback Type 4
- Hisham and his wife Brigitte              White  Squareback
- Justin Ouwersloot                         Green 1972 Fastback
- Leon Martinez and wife Teresa             Tan 1969 Squareback
- Unidentified  member left and promised to comeback in 1 1/2 hour  ???
Dark green right 
hand drive Notchback

We hung around the Griffith park train museum until it started to
sprinkle a little hard , then 
we went to a Denny's for a couple of hours until there was a blackout,
this was enjoyable , this was a cool group of folks , we were a little
loud in the restaurant but we did not care because were were enjoying

The trip for me from Mexico was about 3 hours and uneventful, gave it a
75 to 80 mph and occasional  85 mph . The head temperatures rarely got
300 degrees and never near 350 wich is supposed to be working
temps.Feeling good 
about my car. My speed dropped to parking lot speeds as soon as I got to
Disneyland area then it was difficult to get through LA then it started
to rain 

The folks I met with told me I just missed a guy with a Green right hand

drive Notchback that was supposed to come back in an hour and a half, we

waited and then left to Denny's. 

When I left the meeting I went down Franklin Ave and Kingsley DR and saw

a blue Squareback and then a green one parked on the side, were those 
members ? or Prospective members to the LA Type 3 Wolfpack ?

On the Christmas parade we had planned for the Wolfpack , well there was

not much interest so I did not go ahead and sign up anyone but I gave
application materials to Raul Herrera , he will see if he can rustle up 
some people in LA since I live too far down south.



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