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Re: [T3] From east to west , and back

BryanM=> Red Woods and Indian Sites being on the top of the list.

Cross-country and back in 14 days, including a couple of days for the
Classic events, doesn't leave much time to see the sights. On the up side,
Classic time is much more practical in terms of air-cooled weather
conditions than, say, late July to September. And if your wife is nervous
about taking the Square, ask her how many people she thinks would volunteer
to help out if something goes wrong with the Passat.

The granddaddy of all old Indian places is a fair bit off the highway, but
worth it. Just west of the Continental Divide, about 60 miles northeast of
Gallup as the crow flies, you'll find Chaco Culture National Historic Park.
The road is rough and long to get there, but not too rough for most normal
cars and it keeps the riffraff on the freeway (just don't try to get there
in a hurry). Chaco is where the Pueblo peoples met to discuss the ecological
disaster of the 12th century, and they built a weird and amazing city for
it. Photographers go there and spend weeks. Check it out.

A place I love that's closer to the beaten path is the Betatakin ruin at
Navajo National Monument. Unfortunately concern about some tourist getting
nailed by a falling rock is keeping the hiking tours out of the ruin itself,
but you can still get pretty close. Those who get up early and know how to
desert hike will want to try to see Keet Seel, which is only reached on foot
via backcountry trails in limited guided groups. Off US 160 on the rez near
Kayenta, about 60 miles southwest of Four Corners. Also not far from
Monument Valley and the many very cool places in southern Utah.

And if you find yourself headed toward LA from the Four Corners area or
Gallup, you could do a lot worse than 160/89/60 diagonally across the state
to I-10, through Flag, Sedona, Jerome, Prescott and the ghost-town region.
Beautiful scenery, fun towns, good food and nice people -- and not a few VW

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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