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RE: [T3] parts & stuff

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Those have all been sources that have worked for me.

others I know of are:

ISP West in Carson, CA has many parts http://www.vwispwest.com/.  They have
both new and used parts and seem to dominate Ebay and have a wide range of
items.  They seem to me a bit pricey but if you want "one stop shopping"
with a wide selection of items, they usually have it.

Also, I just recently visited a place in Lakeside, CA called Interstate VW
(used to be in Escondido) http://www.interstatevw.com/about.html.  There I
saw over a dozen Variants and Fastys of a variety of model years.  Sorry, no
notches and few notch specific parts.  They have many, many parts already
removed and segregated in bins on shelves.  No T3 tachs.  Didn't think they
would but had to ask.

I did not confirm this but the guy running the place told me that a kid
working there had a non-operational notch sitting in a lot somewhere nearby
which was probably available for a couple hundred bucks.  I have not the
time or the space so didn't even pursue the lead.

That's my $0.02,

Dave Britton
64 project notch (and I'm almost out of remaining parts)
Summerland, CA

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Try Bill & Steve's in CALI.  You can find them at www.billandsteves.com

You can also try The Type 3 Detectives.

If you need used parts, a lot of them can be found on this list or on The

Also, be sure to check eBay.

68 Notch (Nadine)

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Subject: [T3] parts & stuff

> I have been looking for the best place to buy a good source of parts.
> So is there a company out there that deal with type 3?

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