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Re: [T3] Difference between a 67 and 68?

The vehicle identification numbers produced during March 1968
were from *318 171 074* to *318 188 979*.   So, your car with
a VIN of *318 176 901* would have been made at the Wolfsburg
factory probably during the second week of March 1968.
(My source here: "The International Vintage Volkswagen Magazine
Supplement: VW Type Three Age Finder 1961 to 1968".)

During the 1968 model year (01Aug67 to 31Jul68), a total of
235,387 VW Type3s were built and this includes those Type3s
manufactured in South Africa and Australia and CKD-assembled
in Ireland and Belgium.  Yet, in the same model year 1,016,100
Beetles were made (excluding those made in Brazil where chassis
numbering has always been different).  So, compared to Beetles,
Type3 numbers were relatively small.  But, when you compare
these with contemporary other vehicles of similar size such as
Volvo 122, Renault 16, Opel Reckord, Vauxhall Victor, Morris 1800,
Toyota Corona and Fiat 124 and 125, the VW Type3 numbers are
more impressive.

Simon Glen
Toowoomba,  Australia.

Jim Adney wrote:

> Forwarded to the list for general consumption....
> On 26 Nov 2001, at 15:31, Cf Vw tuner wrote:
> > So, I guess I still have an "early" car? My vin is 318176901.
> > That would mean it's a 1968, but is it the 176,901 car built or is there
> > some type of order to the rest of the digits?
> You're right about the order, but for comparison, I bought a 68 on
> March 2, 1968. Its sequence number was 117,575 and it had just
> arrived at the dealership. I had ordered it several months earlier and
> it had just come in. So perhaps you can see that yours isn't even
> an early 68, but a rather late one.
> They really didn't turn these out by the millions per year.

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