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RE: [T3] Im Carbby!

Well, actually your really on to something here!  Although I would NEVER remember to hit that switch
if I had doughnuts on my mind (MMMMmmmmm Doughnuts!) a system that would automatically switch the
chokes to an alternate source of 12V (with the diodes you mentioned) that timed out after a length of
time that could be determined by an air  temperature and/or engine temperature sensor and simple
control circuit...

UH OH!!  Im TURNING MY CARBS INTO FI arent I???  :):):)

Well, by the time I had all the above installed and calibrated I could have simply switched to FI and
all my problems would be over...  BUT!  if your hell-bent on carbs there are solutions!


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I dunno what people will think of this but....
Could you add a secondary power circut?
Get a constant power lead from the fusebox (even with key off), run it to a 
lighted switch (so you can actually see it on and not forget to turn it off) 
then run this to the rear...

At the chokes themselves create a small Y-harness, One end comming from the 
new power wire, the other having a diode allowing electricity only go from 
the stock wiring to the choke (and not the new choke wiring back thru the 

This would allow you to run the car as usual 99% of the time.  When you shut 
the car off to get a do-nut, flip the switch, thus keeping the choke coils 
hot, get back in the car start it back up and then turn the switch off.

It's an idea, mabye someone can make it better?
68 Fasty

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