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Re: [T3] parts & stuff

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Try Bill & Steve's in CALI.  You can find them at www.billandsteves.com
You'll have to put up with their snail-like approach to service.  Sometimes
you have to call them and remind them to ship the part to you or it will sit
on a shelf, but the parts are always good and the prices are fair.  There
may be another place with better prices, but not many places know as much
about T3s.  You can also try The Type 3 Detectives.  They do great parts
searches but they're not cheap.

If you need used parts, a lot of them can be found on this list or on The

Also, be sure to check eBay.  I find a lot of parts on eBay.  But you have
to check the quality.

68 Notch (Nadine)

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Sent: Monday, November 26, 2001 1:03 PM
Subject: [T3] parts & stuff

> I have been looking for the best place to buy a good source of parts.
> Works doesn't have that much stuff for any type 3. So is there a company
> there that deal with type 3? The reason I ask is because I'm wanting to
> myself a notch and there not a big selection of parts like a beetle or a
> bus.
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