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[T3] Mechanical fuel pump and fuel regulator on FI 68 sq.

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Does anyone have experience with converting from fuel injection to a
carburetor system? 
I recently purchased the Progressive DFEV Deluxe 2 Barrel kit w/ a Weber
32/36 DFEV 2 barrel electric choke carb.  Unfortunately, I didn't even think
about the fuel pump. The instructions for installation call for a new fuel
pump in the 3-8 p.s.i. range (Part No. 412010) along with a pressure
regulator (Part No. 9102) to be set at 1 1/2-2 p.s.i.   When I called the
import auto parts store where I've gotten all my other VW parts, the man on
the phone said a mechanical fuel pump could not be put on the fuel injected
T3, is that right?  Would I need to use one of those electric fuel pumps?
What about the fuel regulator?  I noticed that those electric fuel pumps
come in variable pressures with the lowest one I could find being around 1
1/2-3 1/2, would this work without a pressure regulator?  

Another question is the distributor...The distributor for the F.I. has extra
contacts on it to relay to the computer when to fire the injectors...is that
right?  Will I need a different distributor cap or will the one I have work?
Its brand new and I'd rather not replace it if I don't need to, but I can.

Any suggestions on the best way to set this up would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. 
1968 Squareback

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