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<x-flowed>Okay Guys, I have decided to try and sell my Green 1970 T-III Fasty. it has 
a new engine, all fuel injected and runs great!! new brakes, new tires, new 
parcel tray. etc..!! All the engine tin is powder coated. all this car needs 
in new seat covers, headliner, and a paintjob to be complete! I have posted 
pictures here:


cut and paste that in your browser. if that doesnt work I will mail you 
pictures directly. Just mail me directly @  killer70vw@msn.com

The engine has 3800 miles on it. all the guages have been restored and has a 
working clock. all new shifter parts. the transmission has been gone 
through. nice header and nice heater boxes!!

I am asking $3500 for it. but if you are on the list i will give it away for 
$3000 I have ALL REciepts for basically everything! I am hoping to sell this 
fast! Please let me know! I am in Layton, UT near Salt Lake City!! If you 
know anyone Let them know too!!


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