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Re: [T3] Windshield replacement

On 25 Nov 2001, at 7:44, Erik de Jong wrote:

> My windshield is cracked, I have a windshield that came with the car
> (extra) and Ive gotten the window rubber. I was wondering are all of
> the windows universal. I dont want to pull the old window out and find
> out this other one wont fit it. The other thing, Ive put a couple of
> windshields into flat windshield beetle and they crack so easily. Is
> that the case with type 3's? Can anyone give me pointers on how to get
> it in without tearing up my car?

There are 2 different type 3 windshields (except for 34s). Early 
style and late (71-3) Not all countries got the late ones, but they 
were slightly smaller and came with extra retainers that held them 
in the frames. I think all the aftermarket front lights were early 
style, so you are probably safe.

The window openings were the same in all cases, so you can 
really install any front light in any car as long as you use the 
correct hardware for that glass.

There's an art to installing windshields successfully. Your best bet 
would be to hire a pro to do it for you the first time. Be there so you 
can watch, learn, and possibly help.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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