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Re: [T3] Rear Bumper Mounts

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Someone put a trailer hitch on the car at one time. a good Oxy torch will
loosen these up if you can get and know how to use one.


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From: Jacob Schroeder <schroeder@purdue.edu>
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Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2001 12:07 AM
Subject: [T3] Rear Bumper Mounts

> Hello all,
> I'm home for a few more days from college for Thanksgiving break and I've
> been working on the Squareback and I noticed something interesting that
> really frustrated me and I was wondering what the purpose of the object of
> my frustration is.  Well, I am trying to remove the rear bumper on my '72
> squareback so that I can get to the fender mounting screws so I can remove
> the rear fenders.  Here's the problem...
> In the Bentley book, it says that on each side of the rear of the car,
> are 2 bolts that hold the bumber to the car via the bumper mounts.  Well,
> car has three.  The first two are the ones the bentley is referring to, 2
> 13mm bolts.  The third one is really tickin' me off.  It's a 17mm bolt
> has a nut on the back side of it (which of course is rusted pretty tight),
> and this bolt doesn't mount to the body, so to speak, but it mounts to a
> that is under the fender and is held up with 4-5 10mm bolts, confused yet?
> I wish I had a digital cam to show you guys this.  Basically, this "box"
> seems worthless, for I've got it kind of removed (it's still connected to
> the bumper mount, so I can't remove the bumper) and there's nothing behind
> it (above it), expcept metal and undercoating, it's just to the rear (REAR
> means REAR) of the water drain flaps.
> To keep myself from rambling on and on about this, I'm going to stop
> I'm really frustrated with it, because i've tried everything: WD-40, heat,
> cheater pipes, you name it, to get this dude off, and tomorrow I'm going
> Sears to buy a nut buster to just say "screw it" and bust it up.  But I
> to know what the point of that is?  Let me know if you need more
> or what, I'm going to bed, tired and mad yes, but I'll feel better
> when I give that nut what it deserves.  Oh and yes, there is one of these
> both sides (and both sides are really rusted).
> Later guys,
> Jacob Schroeder
> '72 Squareback
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