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Re: AT to MT

forwarded to the list for general interest purposes:

On 24 Nov 2001, at 21:58, Tom Clyatt wrote:

> Jim, thanks for the reply re swapping the stick for the auto. One
> question I have pondered: Years ago, when I fried a 84 Ford Ranger
> transmission, I replaced it with a 86 tranny that  had a hydraulic
> clutch linkage. The clutch pedal worked much like a brake pedal,
> moving an actuator that disengaged the clutch. Does this solution have
> any merit here?

The only hydraulic clutch I've ever seen on an air cooled VW was 
decades ago and I heard then that they didn't work very well. If 
these were good and available, then I'd think they'd be a good 
solution. Maybe someone else out there has heard more.

> Also, regarding changing out the shift linkage, is it really that easy
> to install the stick linkage in place of the old auto shifter?

Starting in 70 or 71 it really became easy, but you need all the 
parts from a donor car.

> There is a very nice squareback for sale in my area, but I must have a
> stick. If this is a matter of a couple of days labor, this is no
> problem. If it is impossible for someone who has never seen it done
> before, this is a problem!

If the car is nice, go for it first, then worry about the AT later. I 
agree with how you feel about the AT vs. MT, but I still have some 
ATs in my stable. My daily driver is an AT. It wouldn't be my first 
choice, but with old used cars we just can't always be choosy.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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