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[T3] Rear Bumper Mounts

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hello all,

I'm home for a few more days from college for Thanksgiving break and I've
been working on the Squareback and I noticed something interesting that has
really frustrated me and I was wondering what the purpose of the object of
my frustration is.  Well, I am trying to remove the rear bumper on my '72
squareback so that I can get to the fender mounting screws so I can remove
the rear fenders.  Here's the problem...

In the Bentley book, it says that on each side of the rear of the car, there
are 2 bolts that hold the bumber to the car via the bumper mounts.  Well, my
car has three.  The first two are the ones the bentley is referring to, 2
13mm bolts.  The third one is really tickin' me off.  It's a 17mm bolt which
has a nut on the back side of it (which of course is rusted pretty tight),
and this bolt doesn't mount to the body, so to speak, but it mounts to a box
that is under the fender and is held up with 4-5 10mm bolts, confused yet?
I wish I had a digital cam to show you guys this.  Basically, this "box"
seems worthless, for I've got it kind of removed (it's still connected to
the bumper mount, so I can't remove the bumper) and there's nothing behind
it (above it), expcept metal and undercoating, it's just to the rear (REAR
means REAR) of the water drain flaps.

To keep myself from rambling on and on about this, I'm going to stop there,
I'm really frustrated with it, because i've tried everything: WD-40, heat,
cheater pipes, you name it, to get this dude off, and tomorrow I'm going to
Sears to buy a nut buster to just say "screw it" and bust it up.  But I want
to know what the point of that is?  Let me know if you need more description
or what, I'm going to bed, tired and mad yes, but I'll feel better tomorrow
when I give that nut what it deserves.  Oh and yes, there is one of these on
both sides (and both sides are really rusted).

Later guys,

Jacob Schroeder
'72 Squareback

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