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Re: [T3] heat!

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Your missing the flaps!  starting in mid 65 the flaps moved to the
heaterboxes before that they were in the mixer boxes that mount on the car.
you need to change the housing on the heaterbox but you wont find a good one
so perhaps put the earlier mixer boxes on and shorten the cables.

Id get a later set of heaterboxes, if you drive in the salt youll ruin the
early boxes and they are rare as hens teeth in the US anyway.


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Subject: [T3] heat!

> After 3 winters on the road, I finally got a pair of
> heater boxes. All is good, except that there is
> nowhere to hook up the heater cables to the boxes???
> so the heat is constantly cooking me. My car is a 67
> and the heater boxes came from a 64. What am I
> missing? Does anyone have photos of this area? All 4
> of my repair manuals show the view of the opposite
> side of the heater box that the cable connects to. Grrrrrrr...
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