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Re: [T3] Older brakes on old car

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Jim has a point here about the new ones, Id feel more confident with getting
a rebuilt from him than a new one.


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> On 23 Nov 2001, at 19:49, Mike Wodkowski wrote:
> > > Okay, that's pretty convincing!  ;-) You're better off just sticking
> > > with the early calipers and other parts.
> >
> > Ok, so are these readily avail? Or any have a working RH earlier
> > caliper for sale? Or the appropriate innards?
> I think the rebuild kits are rather easy to find. I recommend
> rebuilding over replacing with new because the new ones are not as
> nice as the originals.
> > Or is this just a pull-apart and clean out and put back together
> > operation? Dont have Bentley in font of me, but I recall reading
> > something about having to replace the piston??
> Rebuilding these can be tough. I do it, but I'm set up for it and it
> can still take me an hour just to get one caliper apart. I have rebuilt
> calipers on the shelf and can do an exchange, but I want to see the
> exchange calipers first, just to make sure of what I'm getting.
> There's a lot of junk out there.
> OTOH, a caliper that seems stuck can also be a bad flexible hose.
> These develop loose flaps of rubber inside which act as check
> valves which keeps the fluid from returning to the MC after you let
> up your foot.
> Test for this by opening the bleed valve. Fluid should readily run out
> of there. If it does not, there is something blocking it, either dirt in
> the bleed valve itself or a bad hose.
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