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Re: [T3] Oil light

<x-charset iso-8859-1>So how low does the oil have to be before the oil light comes on? I thought
that as long as it's between the lines, you're OK.

I once had an old Volvo 340 that had an oil leak the size of the Niagara
Falls. The oil light came on at about the same time as the engine started
making clicking noises. I actually drove like that to the nearest service
station, and filled up the oil. The car lasted for a couple of thousand
miles before I finally junked it because it's wierd rubber band transmission
was porked.

Daniel Baum

> On 23 Nov 2001, at 15:49, Daniel Baum wrote:
> > I am NOT referring to the way the oil light always comes on when you
turn on the
> > ignition. It happneded in this sequence:
> >
> > turned the key
> >
> > the oil light came on as usual, and then went off
> >
> > After the engine had been running for a couple of seconds, the oil light
> > flashed brightly for maybe a second, and then went off again.
> Could still be pretty normal. There was likely some air somewhere in the
> system and it just needed to be burped.
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