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Re: Stike vwoa

<x-charset iso-8859-1>VW dealers don't have them on "dusty shelves"   we took them and buried
them(yes dug a hole and covered them up with dirt  ) back in the 70's and
Bill May
San Diego, California

"Age Only Matters If You Are Cheese"
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Subject: Stike vwoa

> Hello all,
> The recent notice to local vw guy Metwizard by VWOA got me thinking. I
> that it is within VWs legal right to protect their trademarks so this is
> another gripe. What i suggest is a constant 'counter attack' on our part.
> This is something that I already do myself, just for fun. Does anyone
> remember the ads that VW put in VW Trends and Hot VW showing a bug next to
> jetta? It says to keep it real , buy genuine VW parts.  I started  going
> into the dealerships around here asking for the front apron for my 71
> squareback , or the treasure chest doors for my 68 single cab , the front
> turn signal lights on my 62 single cab as well as other things, Of course
> the answer was that it was no longer available.  My point was that i was
> responding to VW ads and to just pester them.
> If we all ,the internet vdubers as well as the rest of the community ,
> or go in person to ask about air cooled parts perhaps vwoa or at least
> dealerships and their staff would be more inclined to "look the other way"
> or maybe even start selling some of the stuff that is made south of the
> border or in dusty dealer storage rooms.
> just a thought
> -Bryan
> www.mvwe.org
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