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Re: [T3] Happy with my dual carbs, back on the road!

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Well done.  There's nothing quite like driving your own Type 3 for giving
you a good start to the day.

> Our next project is to install a fan motor (or 2) to have my heater
> blow heat.

The stock heaters pump out pretty good heat if working right unless the
engine is only running slowly.  I guess I'm talking fairly temperate
climate - in frost it takes quite a few minutes to warm the inside.  If you
regularly drive in freezing conditions, the only real solution is a
petrol(UK)/gas(USA) or maybe LPG heater.

Make sure the cables open the control valve fully on the heat exchangers,
and that there aren't any rust holes in the heater pipes.  You can't see
inside the sills easily, so take a look at the ends and see if there are
holes.  You can undo the lower front fender bolts and ease the fender away
to check behind for rust.  The slots in the front footwell also give an idea
of the rust status.
There's a big blast of air from the fan for the heater that you won't
improve on unless you install a reheating system for the cabin air.  That
would need cutting through the rear bulkhead unless maybe you could extract
it from one rear inlet and return it through the other - might still be
warmer than heating cold air each time.  I wonder if anyone has done this.
It still needs powerful fans to achieve more airflow than the standard
system does, but reheating would mean a slower flow was acceptable.  There
is also the possibility of heat exchanger (and engine) overheating if you
intercept the airflow through that.

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