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[T3] Stike vwoa

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hello all,
The recent notice to local vw guy Metwizard by VWOA got me thinking. I know
that it is within VWs legal right to protect their trademarks so this is not
another gripe. What i suggest is a constant 'counter attack' on our part.
This is something that I already do myself, just for fun. Does anyone
remember the ads that VW put in VW Trends and Hot VW showing a bug next to a
jetta? It says to keep it real , buy genuine VW parts.  I started  going
into the dealerships around here asking for the front apron for my 71
squareback , or the treasure chest doors for my 68 single cab , the front
turn signal lights on my 62 single cab as well as other things, Of course
the answer was that it was no longer available.  My point was that i was
responding to VW ads and to just pester them.
If we all ,the internet vdubers as well as the rest of the community , call
or go in person to ask about air cooled parts perhaps vwoa or at least local
dealerships and their staff would be more inclined to "look the other way"
or maybe even start selling some of the stuff that is made south of the
border or in dusty dealer storage rooms.

just a thought

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