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[T3] 68 fasty for sale

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I was making the rounds the other day in my work truck and stumbled across
this. Its a 68 fasty located in Oceanside Cali. I dont know the guy at all
and thought that the list would like some after turkey day treat. I went
around the car and picked around for awile. He wasnt home and the battery is
dead so I didnt get to drive it or anything. What I found:
Orig liners front and rear, good shape
orig tool wrap
FI compleet and running per him, I saw it and its there with aftermarket
new tires
nice headliner
int is all there and stock
rubber is cracky but still good
no pan holes that I saw
black and gold cali plates
smack on drivers side will require a new fender and door. The door opened
fine and does not apear to be into the frame.
Enjoy picking it apart!
The guys name is Deno and is at 760-250-5530  $1800 obo. I know he will drop
the price to move it out.


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