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Re: [T3] Wiper motor

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Thanks Russ,

I had assumed it was something along these lines, but didn't know the

It is probably corrosion around the wiper shafts that is holding the motor.
I told you it was a Bright Idea to turn the switch ;~)


Daniel Baum

> On Friday 23 November 2001 04:39, Daniel Baum wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Today I had a Bright Idea. I thought, "Let's turn on the wiper switch
> > see what happens".
> >
> > So here's what happened. I believe I heard a little "clunk" from the
> > motor, and then a fuse blew. This didn't surprise me. What did surprise
> > a bit was that next time I tried switching the ignition on, the fuse
> > again, even though the wiper switch was turned off.
> >
> > After blowing a few more fuses (I keep a stock of them) I disconnected
> > wiper motor from the fuse box and all was well again.
> >
> > OK, so what have I done? Is it time to start looking for a new wiper
> > Or is it the switch? How can I tell which one is the problem? There is
> > plenty more wiring to be done in the car, so I cannot discount the
> > possibility that it is the wiring, except that up to now everything was
> > even with the wiper motor connected to the fuse box.
> >
> It sounds like the wiper motor started to move and then stalled. When it
> off the "parked" position, it closed the circuit that returns it to
> This circuit has power all the time the key is on, until the motor gets
> to the park position, even with the wiper switch off.
> Us people that live in the snow belt here in the USA have this problem
> the wiper get frozen down to the windshield. I don't think ice is your
> problem.
> I would start looking at the linkage going from the motor to the wiper
> shafts. Something is in a bind, or caught on something.
> BE CAREFUL. I have seen a wiper motor take the end off a persons finger
> it came free and started running.
> --
> Russ Wolfe
> '71 Fastback AT
> '66 Fastback MT (IT RUNS)
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> http://www.classicvw.org
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